In early 2008, as the use of Twitter became adopted by corporate users and self branding entrepreneurs Josh began slicing and dicing Twitter's data to develop a metrics tool for marketers and other Twitter power users. The first of its kind to make the scene; landing him on!

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After gaining some buzz in the Tampa area, in forming Tweetups of like minded Social Media enthusiasts, the word started to spread and suddenly Josh was being interviewed and approached by local businesses. As an early adopter Josh Carrico was well aware of how this 'buzz' could be harnessed; as capture in The Tampa Bay Times.

The American Marketing Association featured Josh Carrico's Twitter Metrics Tool (TweepleTwak) in their Monthly newsletter to memebers. It was becoming clear he was on to something; while the problem facing marketers was still in its infancy, Josh may have already solved the problem.
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After the well recieved creation of Gowalla Sniffer, an iPhone iOS Application complementing the 'Gamification' aspects of Gowalla,
Josh Carrico was approached by CBS Television News Tech correspondent to participate in the published book 'Checked-In'. Mr. Carrico's participation in the publication also landed him the books Cover Quote!
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"We aspire to do more than just buy and sell footwear. We want to build a community around our brand and build true relationships with our customers," said Josh Carrico, director of e-Commerce at Rocky Brands. "Marketo gives us the platform and tools to have a meaningful, ongoing dialogue with our customers on a truly personal level and at scale."
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